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What is Bark?


A fun & easy way to learn about what's most important.

Create a list

Create a list of items you'd like people to reorder based on importance, preference, cost, or other criteria.

Share Your List

Share your list with people over Twitter, Facebook, or by pasting the URL into an IM or an email.

Gather Opinions

Get the wisdom of the crowd with handy reports that show you how people re-ordered your list.

What is Bark?

Bark helps you sort and prioritize lists.


Every project brings challenges where decisions have to be made, and every person involved may have a different opinion on how things should be.

Bark helps prioritize a list of things (e.g. tasks, features, bugs etc.) within a group.

Each person contributes their opinion and Bark magically calculates a recommendation based on the wisdom of the crowd.

See a list See a report